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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Try This Trick! Get Free Samples with PINCHme!

A few years ago, I told you guys my dirty secret: that I always scoop up free online samples.  If you are like me, you’ll want to check out PINCHme.  I stumbled across the site from someone’s Pinterest board, and am certainly glad I did.

With PINCHme, you’ll get an email when free samples [...]

Try This Trick! Unroll.me!

New year, new inbox – if you want to keep your inbox organized, try Unroll.me. This service which works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Google Apps, has you log in to your email account through Unroll.me and it identifies all the subscriptions you subscribe to. I had a ton of subscriptions from Groupon, LivingSocial, [...]

Try This Trick! Learn Another Language for Free!

One of my resolutions this year is to learn a new language – or more or less, remember the Spanish I took in high school for 4 years. After a few trips abroad this past year, I realized it’s embarrassing how bad I am at Spanish, and I feel like it’d be a helpful [...]

Try This Trick! Menu Plan and Save Money with eMeals!

I have to share a dirty secret with you – while I’ve still dined out in the past year, I’ve been making a HUGE effort to cook more. I find cooking to be fun and depending on the recipe, I can save more staying in and cooking than going straight to Seamless. I will [...]

Try This Trick! Use Ebates When Shopping Online!

Are you planning to do some holiday shopping this week or on Cyber Monday? If so, make sure to sign up first for Ebates. With Ebates, you earn a percentage of what you spend online back as a check or via paypal.  So for example, when you want to make a purchase at say a [...]

Try This Trick! Earn Gift Cards and Prizes with Bing Rewards!

If you are looking to make some easy cash, try Bing Rewards. You’ll earn credits for searching the web, trying out new features or learning tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for. Redeem for gift cards, donations, and more – it’s free!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Sign up [...]

Try This Trick! Book Activities with Vimbly!

Have you checked out Vimbly yet? Vimbly acts as a directory and reservation service for activities here in NYC, and you can search for classes by day/time, type of class and price. Best of all – no phone calls are involved. You can book and pay for the class online.

Right now, I’m seeing [...]

Try This Trick! Discounted Books!

If you enjoy reading, consider signing up for this newsletter. Discount Books Daily is a newsletter where you select what kind of books you like to read (paperback, audio, e-book) and the genre. You’ll receive an email daily with a list of books that are available for free or at a discounted [...]

Try This Trick! $10 Rides in Manhattan with Whisk!

You may have heard of Uber but have you heard of Whisk? Available on iPhone and Android, Whisk eliminates the uncertainty and wait time of finding a taxi. With one quick tap of a Smartphone from their home, office, restaurant or the street. Whisk uses the phone’s GPS to instantly match the passenger’s location with a nearby driver [...]

Try This Trick! Free Tickets with 1iota!

I’m going to start out by saying that I haven’t tried this service – but if you have a flexible schedule and want free tickets to see tapings and shows, consider trying out 1iota. I’ve been on their email list for years – and do NOT have a flexible schedule – but I always [...]

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