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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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62 Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday

The magazine All You has compiled a great list of things you can get for free on your birthday. These are mostly national offers so definitely worth a share to friends and family outside of the city.

The list includes both retailers and restaurants so make sure to take advantage of these deals during your birthday month!

Free Coffee This Weekend

To celebrate a new coffee bar opening inside Fair Folks this weekend, you can swing by Saturday and Sunday and get free coffee. Fair Folks is located on 11th between 1st and 2nd.

Unlimited Fitness Classes with ClassPass

Earlier this summer, I told you about ClassPass – for $99 a month, you get 10 classes to boutique studios all around the city like RowHouseRevolveBarry’s Bootcamp, classes that are normally $35 a pop and you see on the pages of US Weekly. While I felt that $10 wasn’t worth it to spend per class when I saw that they were doing an unlimited summer deal where you could take unlimited classes for $99 a month, I signed up – and in the past 14 weeks, have taken 64 classes (yes, 4.5 classes a week – a big jump from my one class a week).

I was devastated that summer was coming to a close and my unlimited deal was over but guess what – IT’S BACK! To take advantage of this deal, you must sign up through 2014 and commit to paying $99 a month in order to get unlimited classes. I totally recommend you try it over the gym – it’s been fun to go to places around the city and try different workouts (I even tried adult gymnastics). Plus, if you are scared to try other workouts, ClassPass kind of makes you – you can only attend one studio three times per month.

If you sign up – and happy to answer any questions on the blog – here are my top 5 classes that I’ve tried this summer:

EVF: At the start of the summer, I couldn’t do a pushup. Now, I can do a tricep pushup – and several in a row. I head to EVF on Tuesday ams – mostly because I overheard the instructor, Travis, saying Tuesdays are the hardest class of the week. EVF is a high intensity strength training class – we usually start with a warm up, and then go into a 30 – 40 minute routine consisting of rowing, burpees, squats, situps, etc. Definitely worth checking out and you will sweat a lot.

Throwback Fitness: Throwback is like EVF, but with games. The guys who run it, Brian and Ryan, are awesome – lots of 80s music and they even wear retro gym outfits. Usually in the beginning you start on the rower, alternating between rowing and squats, situps, or pushups, but then we go into the games. Games include capture the flag, where in order to try to capture the flag, you have do a series of workouts first before you can attempt to play. Note I have nicknamed this class Throwup Fitness. I haven’t puked yet, but on the first night I went, a guy in the hallway had mentioned to me that he threw up. Every time I walk in now, I’m petrified that will happen to me.

FlyWheel: I love the Lincoln Center location because of Darryl who teaches on Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 am. Darryl is just so upbeat during his spin class and motivational. What I like about FlyWheel is that the instructor will shoutout your torque, aka how much resistance should be on the bike, so you know where you should be in the class. If you create a FlyWheel account, they show a leaderboard on and off during class and your score is calculated by your torque an RPMs.

Swerve: Swerve is like Flywheel in the sense that you have a torque, or a gear as what Swerve calls it so you know how much resistance should be on the bike. What’s different about it though is that you are broken in to teams. During the class, each team will compete against each other during sprints. After the class is over, you get an email with your score, class rank, team rank, etc. I think it also might be the toughest spin class I’ve ever been to – I always think I am going to have a heart attack during it.

Title Boxing: Sometimes, I need to hit shit. And that’s what I can do at Title Boxing. The first 15 minutes is a combination of high knees, jumping jacks, etc, but then for the next 30 minutes, you can actually hit a bag. With boxing gloves. And it’s awesome. There’s nothing I like more than pounding the crap out of something midweek during a tough week in the office. Totally recommend it!

If you want to get unlimited classes through the end of the year for $99, you must sign up by 8/31. Sign up here and tell me what classes you love!

Get Your Lunch for $1 With City Lunch Club

Sometimes, especially towards the end of the week, I am sick of bringing my lunch to work. It’s been either 3 days of the same city lunch clubleftovers or sandwiches and I want something new. There are other weeks when I am too lazy to make my lunch, and then for 5 days in a row, it’s the same salad from one or two places within a one-block radius of my office. Luckily, there’s now City Lunch Club to alleviate your lunch time problems.

City Lunch Club, currently available in zip codes 10003 and 10010 (keep on reading, wherever you are we still have a deal for you!), is a club where you pick how many times you want lunch every week, and they send you three dishes to choose from at a restaurants in your neighborhood every morning.  Restaurants include Motorino, 5 Napkin and more! Pick your lunch by 10:30 am and you’ll have it delivered by 11:30 am – 1 pm. Best of all you don’t have to worry about tax or tip because that’s automatically added. You pay the same price everyday for lunch, and meals start at $10.99.

Right now, if you sign up, your first lunch is for $1. Even if City Lunch Club doesn’t deliver to your neighborhood, by signing up now, you’ll still be able to get in on this special – and refer friends for free lunch credits.

Check out City Lunch Club today!

$1 Coffee at Tasty

The Tasty located on Madison between 30th and 31st has had a sign in the window for a few days that reads “Today’s Special: $1 Regular Iced Coffee.” I’ve been taking advantage of it for over a week now so think that special is extended! Swing by and snag yourself a $1 iced coffee (and the special was valid today!). See why I love Tasty here!

Two For One Beers at House of Brews

Swing by The House of Brews on 51st between 8th and 9th or 46th between 8th and 9th for some great two for one beer specials. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, swing by for two for one beers. Take a look at which beers will be on special below!

Tons of Freebies for US Open!

I am not a tennis fan, but this weekend I might be! In honor of the US Open, there are tons of deals going on. Check the following out:

  • Keep an eye out for the Asics ballperson if you are by Grand Central or Rock Center from 11:30 – 2pm today – they  are handing out 1,000 gift certificates for free lunch but you must show your best air serve.
  • Chase is offering a virtual reality tennis experience from 11am – 5pm today on 23rd between Broadway and 5th.
  • If you are playing tennis on Saturday in Central Park from 11am – 3pm, keep an eye out for Asics – they are gifting free gear.
  • Swing by the Asics meatpacking store on 14th and 9th with an old pair of tennis shoes on Sunday from 9-12pm. The first 200 folks can trade these in for new sneakers - free.
  • Thanks to Lacoste, play tennis in Central Park with John Isner and Murphy Jensen, from 12 – 2pm on Sunday.

Big thanks to reader Ludmila for these tips!

Free Tickets from Goldstar

Free tickets, anyone? Hop aboard the Comp TrainGoldstar’s popular two-day promotion that features complimentary tickets to tons of fun events throughout the country. For just 48 hours, Goldstar will be offering literally thousands of free tickets to live theater, concerts, dance, comedy and more. And since all you pay is a tiny service fee (the amount varies depending on the event, but it’s usually just a couple bucks), the Comp Train’s a great way to discover new events in your area and treat your plus one, your family or even just yourself to something totally great — and totally unexpected.


I Tried It – Boxed.com, Plus $10 Promo Code

As a girl who loves deals, obviously I love going to warehouses like Costco and getting wholesale prices. Luckily even before I had a car in the city, I was within walking distance to a Costco, and once a month would push my grandma cart there, get some supplies and head home. But if you don’t live close to one or don’t have a membership, there is a new app I was just introduced to – Boxed.

Boxed lets you buy wholesale goods from their app or website, and you can get them delivered to your apartment for $6.99. The first time you order, shipping is free, and like any online retailer, there is certain products on sale weekly.

When I saw Gilt was offering a $20 credit recently, I gave Boxed a try. I placed my order Sunday night for two 4-packs of foaming soap ($9.99 each) and some Listerine Breath Strips ($11.99 for 12 packs). Note that you must have a minimum order of $29. On Tuesday, UPS delivered my products to my door. It was so easy – and cheaper than buying these items at Duane Reade.

Categories of products include household (toilet paper, garbage bags), health and beauty (moisturizer, shampoo), grocery (pasta, taco kit), odds and ends (tape, bug spray), and kids and diapers.

Now as a Costco member ($50 annually), I’m not sure I would use this service because I like buying Kirkland brand products. It’s cheaper than brand names and great quality. However, if I did not belong to Costco, this is definitely something I would consider using – especially if I didn’t live within walking distance of Costco.  I think if you are moving into a new home or just need to stock up on items and want to save, Boxed might be for you.

Want to give it a try? Use my referral code, WE55Y and you’ll save $10 off your first order (don’t forget the free shipping on your first order too!).

Free Sandwiches on LES at 100 Montaditos

Swing by Spanish chain 100 Montaditos today according to GrubStreet and you’ll be able to snag a two free thumb-size sandwiches like sausages, sliced cheese, jamon, and hardboiled eggs, between noon and 3pm.

The shop is located on Ludlow between Houston and Stanton. Thanks to Ludmila for flagging!

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