Poker Sites andrenowned Poker Players

Poker Sites andrenowned Poker Players

89thandbroke – Online poker is a staple pass time for many people around the world. It is satisfying to sit in front of the computer, and play a game of cards. There are many famous poker players that have made this game as a career. There is one of the best known poker players in the world nicattach to this game, and he is a name JJ Slomo. JJ Slomo is from California. He is known for his world famous three years as the World Champion in the poker game. He is also known for his appearances on theLate Night Poker. In addition to his poker career, JJ Slomo is also an author. His most known book is named, Why I Write Poker. In this book, he has a list of rules which are useful for players to be more successful. The book is self headed, and portable. It also contain sands strategies on poker.

Whether you are a beginner, or a veteran player, Why I Write Poker will benefit every player in the world who wants to be a better player. You will get answers to questions like, why you play poker, and how to play poker. There are also some mistakes to beeen and there are things you can do to handle those situations. There are, quite frankly, no perfect rules on how to play poker. It’s really a good idea to learn from some of the greatest players who ever did play the game. I remember watching JJstrength of mind when they were just starting out. He seemed to be able to make quite an impression on everyone.

Why I Write Poker is a book that will teach you how to play poker in in a way that will help you get far in your poker career. It teaches the player how to improve his skills, and what it takes to get to the final table. There are some real eye opening things that you can learn by reading this book. I’ve personally learned a lot by reading How To Succeed as a Professional Poker Player. Now I can’t wait to go back and read it over more times.

The whole idea of the book is to have you reading it over and using it as if you are talking on the telephone, practicing it from time to time. You won’t have the book memorized, but you will have composite boards of quotes and advice. JJ Slomo actually claims that at one time he was able to stop an expensive brushfire with pocket kings. He also says he can make $1,000 in a single night playing blackjack. What a crazy claim…but I’m sure that’s not even close to the real truth. Either way, the idea is that with Why I Write Poker you will be able to expand your skills, and make better decisions with your pocket. And, you will do it with confidence.

If you want a poker book that will teach you how to play like JJ Slomo, than you have to go to the library. You’ll find Why I Write Poker at the bottom of every page. Then, you’ll find a direct link to the book in the author bio box. You can also find a lot of great reviews of the book, and valuable advice by poker players who recommend it. If you think you’re ready for the book, and ready to make the most of it, you should buy Why I Write Poker. You won’t regret it!