Cards Counting Basics

Cards Counting Basics

Probably many of you have heard that a competent casino player can defeat a casino. In majority of cases the game is Blackjack and the method is “cards counting.” A possibility to apply the “cards counting” method at the online casinos is rather limited as the casinos usually shuffle the cards after each deal, but there are some casinos offering to gamble until the third pack (or rather not one pack but a set of 6-8 packs). There are also live dealer online casinos where the blackjack is played as if in real life. Apparently, applying the method without any mistakes to the blackjack can increase the performance of the player from the casino too. But I believe you have to stick to the basic strategies for playing the game in order to win at online casinos.

Probably you know that when you have learnt the basics of the game by practicing and playing, you start to acquire the “feel” for the game. The feel is not a feeling created by your interpretive skills. Although, yourExecution of the game needs a bit of inspiration, but in general, you have to follow the blindly prepared strategies in order to win at online casinos.

There are many tables at the online casinos which count the cards in the basic fashion. You can take advantage of these tables in case you have a strong hand or when you want to appear stronger than others at the table. When you see an opportunity to get additional cards from the pack, you buy, and when you have nothing to lose, you do not bid. The card counting is usually done at the beginning of the game, but in some games, cards are already turned over. In that case, you have to mark the cards as they are turned over.

Reading the cards, you determine the probability of the chances of your cards with the cards turned over. The cards are turned over at least twice during the game. Firstly, there is a set of tens (10), the second is a set of aces (usually), the third is a set of kings, and so on.

Actually the most popular strategy at the blackjack tables is known as the “pokerlounge99.” The idea is to keep track of all the cards that are being dealt and the probability of cards coming out of the deck. Then, you can based your decisions on the probability of cards coming out of the deck. There are many strategies known as the Roberts rules of probability that you can mathematically analyze. But, nowadays, you can also find simple strategies that can be used at the blackjack table.

Here are some of them:

  • You can try to ‘count’ cards. Basically, you have to remember the number of cards – both the face-up and the face-down cards. During the shuffle, they are put in a new mixing bowl (or collection bowl if you are correct) – so that each card is added something to it.
  • You can also clap your hands. This means that you make claps with your hands. This helps in making tall stacks of cards. It also whistes to the other players and they might (wrongly) guess that you are admitting weakness.
  • When a player is having a particularly bad run, he can change his style of playing. He can apply more bonds, looser, higher bets.
  • When a player is making unusual bets or taking unusual decisions, he can lure other players to go out, or he can trick them into betting more.
  • When a dealer has a terrible shuffle, he makes an unusual number of bets. Then he can replace the cards.
  • The players must know the number of cards remaining in the shoe, and then they must act accordingly. When the cards are in the middle of the table, or not close to the middle, then it is good to stay out of the betting. As a result, the probability of your winning is higher.
  • As a player, you must know that the dealer has to shuffle the cards at least three times per shoe. At most, he can actually make four or five folds per hand.

All of these strategies you can find in the basic blackjack beginner’s strategy. Simply, if you play blackjack with strategy, you will win over the long term. Blackjack in a nut shell. So, the strategy might state that it is better to stand on sixteen when the dealer has an ace on the up card, than to surrender and take the six. But, which of these statements is correct?

In the short term, it is certainly possible to accelerated in the blackjack hands. But, in the long run, the casinos are quite certain that the strategy you actually use, in combination with the blackjack tables, will eventually fail. Therefore, you simply have to bet big for the first round and be prepared to lose big, very quickly.