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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Giveaway! Win Tickets to the UES Bar Tour!


This Saturday is the 20th Annual Upper East Side Charity Bar Tour. Purchase tickets, and you’ll receive:

  • $2 Domestic Draft Pints
  • $4 Mixed Drinks
  • Shot & Food Specials
  • FREE Souvenir Pint Cup (first 500 people)

Pub crawl runs from 1-9pm and you’ll hit up 7 bars on the UES. You can register from 1-6pm at Mad River on 82nd and 3rd.  You can buy tickets right now for $15 but you’ll get 20% off with the code 89TH. Tickets will be $20 at the door, but if you bring two canned goods (hey chicken soup in the cupboard…) you’ll get $5 off.

Want to go for free? We’re giving two readers FIVE tickets to the pub crawl (note: drinks not included, you get them at a discount).


Tell us by 11:59 pm WEDNESDAY evening, November 13, what you are doing over Thanksgiving. We’ll send two folks the tickets Thursday am.

10 comments to Giveaway! Win Tickets to the UES Bar Tour!

  • Lindsay Barcham

    I will be going to Long Island to spend Thanksgivjng with my family.

  • Ashley

    I’m going to the parade!

  • Jenna L

    I will be spending time on the UES at my apartment. :)

  • I will spend my Thanksgiving evening with friends We all getting involved and participating in difference tasks to make it the day and specially the dinner so pretty, elegant and memorable … :)

  • Genna

    I will spend the night before Thanksgiving creating a count down until the epic feast and participating in a sandwich night. Then, I will spend all Thursday continuing the countdown until it is time. Then, I will enjoy the amazing Thanksgivukkah dinner, before napping for 48 hours

  • Jess

    The same thing I do every year- watch football (no Jets this year, thank god), drink wine & good beer, eat lots of great food in several different courses, all the while spending the day having good laughs with my family, and then ultimately pass out on my aunts couch with my brother until my parents wake us up to leave. That about sums my T-day up!

  • Kayla

    I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my extended family at my house for the first time ever!!

  • Jessica

    The same thing I do every year- watch football (thank god the Jet’s are not playing this year), drink good wine & beer, eat great food in various courses, all the while spending time with my family for some good laughs, and then eventually pass out on the couch with my brother until my parents wake us up to leave. That being said, Thanksgiving is one of my fav. holidays!

  • Watching football, and then enjoying a nice big dinner with family :)

  • From craig: This Thanksgiving I am eating and drinking as much as possible without becoming ill!
    Thanks for your consideration.

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